Win5♥Lose5 Program
jr. gati (speed) / jr. run

“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood,
           and a miracle fiber called courage. -- George Patton”


Sep 10 - Nov 12, 2011.


Briar Woods HS Track Field, Ashburn, 20148

22525 Belmont Ridge, Ashburn, VA 20148.


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Welcome to jr. gati

Gati means Speed. Interestingly gati also means destiny. Young children's passion for being outdoors is sadly still not given enough consideration when we plan our activities with them -- with least attention given to the most basic of exercises -- 'running'.

Children and running

You know it's important to help your kids develop the exercise habit so they can grow to be healthy, active adults. So, if your children have expressed an interest in running or a desire to participate in a race or two, don't discourage them! Running is a great natural sport that requires very little equipment. The important thing is to let them determine their own pace and to run only if it's fun and enjoyable.

What is the Win5♥Lose5 Program?

The Win5♥Lose5 Program is a complete Family running program. Win5 implies you (kids & parents) win the challenge of running a 5k and Lose5 implies your (parents & adults) shedding 5 lbs in the process to becoming more trim and fit. With the increasing evidence of lack of exercise and its continuing detrimental effects on overall growth, one should be cognizant of the value that exercise lends to our lives. This is a lesson learnt for us, to not make the same mistakes for our young ones -- parents... we invite you to join us with your junior runners to achive a quest of running 5k/4m by this June!!!
You have experienced runners to guide you -- who have run many 5k's, 10k's, Half's as well as the most famous of the Full -- The Marine Corps Marathon.

Don't just sit and watch other people run this year!!
  We invite you to run with us, as well, with your child/family ...
  to embrace the true spirit of Win5♥Lose5 Program & promote your budding runner.